That's my word for 2015.                     I'm ready to listen Lord.

He speaks, it's just a matter if we are listening or not. Weeks ago-- I was in the shower-- and He spoke. Probably because this is one of the only points in my days where no one else can have my attention. There's not much to get distracted by in there-- no electronics, no voices... I just wish I could write down what I hear, dream, think up in there. Normally by the time I get out, crazy has happened.  Sorry-- #momlife sidenote. Where's your quiet place? Your secret place?

Do we simply listen? Rarely. When do we sit in silence? Hardly ever. Even in the car we have to have music playing. Or when we're home alone-- the TV on. It's always something. With our phones attached to us, it's almost impossible to disconnect. What if we took a daily inventory of what and who we are listening to every day? What do you need to "shake off"? And what do you need to "turn up"?

We listen to a lot of voices. I want to learn to tune my ears to hear His voice more often and above everything else. If you would say it's hard for you to hear or ask how do you? A good way to start is get into the Bible, dig in. That is His voice, constantly available to listen to, at any moment. This year I will find my "place" to listen, daily. I don't want to go a day without hearing from Him.

"Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track." Proverbs 3:6 (MSG)

I will also be sure to listen to those who are "wise counsel" in my life, to learn from "mentors" both near and far. Sometimes your "mentor" may be someone you won't ever meet. We can be lead by the words and voices that God is speaking through. I will read and chew on more truth this year. I seriously need to get disciplined to actually finish a book. 
"Dear friend, listen well to my words; tune your ears to my voice. Keep my message in plain view at all times. Concentrate! Learn it by heart! Those who discover these words live, really live; body and soul, they’re bursting with health." Proverbs 4:20-22 (MSG) 

I think with this practice of listening, I will be bursting with health-- body and soul. Let's go 2015! 

(Was just about to post and remembered this is the theme that Pastor Brian & Bobbie Houston have given this year. "Speak Lord-- we're listening!" You can read more here. So perfect.)

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