Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bless this Mess

My mess does not have to equal stress.

Today is my longest of the week at home with the three boys until we leave at 5:30pm for Local Youth. I realized in order to have fun and be creative (rather than watch TV) it means creating a mess. 

It means digging through the toy box and digging up all the Legos, it means playing "War" and having fifty-two cards scattered across the floor. It means digging up whatever you can find in he fridge to eat real food rather than a microwave meal. It means giving your little babe avocado for the first time.

I started pondering all of this as I walked through the kitchen and felt a lot of debris sticking to my bare feet. My first thoughts were, "gosh! You never clean the floors. What's wrong with you!? Such a mess." And immediately I grabbed that lie and pulled it down. 

"No, this is a beautiful mess. You have children to play with, a warm house to be barefoot in, real food to eat... This isn't stressful, you're not a screw up. This is the life. The beautiful messy life you are ridiculously gifted to live!" 

Today, I hope you can look at the messiest parts of your life
and find some beauty and blessing in their midst. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I was just feeling the same thing today. So hard not to try to be perfect at it all.