You Had Better Be...

So there's this Blogger app which is just simply amazing. I can sit in my car with a sleeping baby and write. Yes! #thankyoutechnology

Now-- my whole mantra of "turn up truth" is something I remind myself of daily. It can be done even in the chaos of life. Waiting in line, waiting in the car (like me), and then of course we should make intentional time... But we have no excuse. 

So while I wait... I opened to this #truthfortoday!

Whoa! What awesome reminders and challenges in this word! 

1. He has me where He wants me! 
2. He showers grace and kindness on me. (Thank you! I can feel that shower today!!) 
3. It's all HIM! (I have zero bragging rights!) 
4. I GET TO join Jesus in His work. (not  have to) 
5. Work I'd BETTER BE DOING! (Here's where I'd like to sit a minute...) 

I have the amazing privilege to join Jesus in His work, He's gotten it prepared in advance for me. Specifically the way He's created me, my gift mix! Now-- there is a lot stirring about slowing down and taking Sabbath and finding breathing room in our hectic lives. And I need to hear and respond to every word of it. BUT... When I find myself getting into a funk. A "woe is me" or "I don't care" or any kind of funk-- I'm normally not engaged in the work He's prepared for ME! Yea I might be "working"-- but it's to people please or to keep up with the Joneses. But when I'm truly engaged in the season of life and what He asks me to do with Him-- there's no room for funk! 

So ask yourself today if you're engaged in working WITH Jesus (not for) in the area He's calling you! I believe it will make you come alive. I was in a funk this week and trying to evaluate why and asking God why? I immediately felt the funk lift when I was preparing to gather people (unite the body) for a cause (teen girls in Juvy). Which is most definitely part of my calling in this season of life. 

So what work "had you better be doing"? It's good work & it will make you come alive!

"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Howard Thurman

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