Life is a beautiful mess, but of course normally we only post the beautiful (after multiple photos taken and edits) and we leave out the mess. I think we all know the danger of this and what it could be creating in our cultures and in our hearts. A constant comparison to someone's highlight reels and not realizing they also have behind-the-scenes and bad days. So today my own #turnuptruth...

Life has #nofilter to make it look pretty, but we choose what filter to apply to our perspective.
Truth or lies. Gratitude or greed. Humility or haughty. The list goes on.

This morning was a total scramble, which isn't rare in our household with three littles and all. We had to rush to drop of my grandparents to the airport at 7am, get one to the dentist by 8am, the other to school by 9am and feed and care for baby. (As well as make lunches, pack bags, etc.) So let's just say I brushed my son's teeth, but not my own today. One of those kind of days. A woman dropping off her son at preschool saw me and said, "you look so cute!" My auto-response (I had no coffee yet) was something like, "Oh really? I was just thinking I can't believe I'm out in public like this." It's not like she knew those floral leggings were yesterday's apparel and pajamas, I hadn't washed my face, brushed my teeth and I threw on my husband's hat to try to hide my dirty hair. What she saw was "cute" what I saw was a "mess" and it reminded me that the mess is beautiful. I love observing other people's messy lives-- they inspire me! So embrace your mess today.

Currently sitting in my inbox from fellow sisters are messages asking: things like how do I juggle three little boys and ministry life? or how do I study the Bible? How do I have time to shower? lol... no but really. All of this was juggling around in my mind (and sorry I haven't responded yet) because as I was thinking on these I was feeling like a total train wreck. My hubby and I had some "heated fellowship" by the fire last night (it wasn't hot because of the fire). We disagreed. We shared ways we'd hurt each other. We tried to reconcile and figure out how to be better for each other. But I woke up with this weight of... hmmm... really just not wanting to do it all.

"But God" (yes it's one of those) He always has me. I woke up and saw the gorgeous sunrise. Did my yucky feelings go away right away? No. I've been processing them and praying about them all day (while running errands and doing laundry and attending a luncheon). I asked for help. Something that is personally so hard for me. I asked a woman I've never talked to for prayer. I ended up then receiving multiple words of wisdom and encouragement from people. I left with a better sense of my identity, my calling, an assurance that I do hear from God, I left full of hope.

So this is my "no filter" day. I will remove the sense that "everything is perfect" and say I'm not perfect, but I'm in love with someone who is.

Here's #truthfortoday for you and me, it always seem to speak to where I am at. I hope it encourages you as well.


I'm ready to make a clean break with everything that distracts me and to focus on my "within". What does that look like to you?