Gratitude Game

Having a rough day? Stuck in the middle of a total mess? Feeling like a total failure?

That's where I find myself sometimes. I don't think I'm alone. Today's scenario was what felt like the longest two and a half hours with my two oldest. Nap time at 12:30pm and still finding myself disciplining to stay in bed at 2:30pm. While trying to stay sane, calm, not lose my temper and take care of the baby. After multiple visits to their bedroom I was feeling so defeated. God, am I doing this right? Are you with me? 

This day is not going as planned. Today was supposed to be fun with mom day and we had an appointment this morning and now spent two hours fighting. 

When I found my first moment of reprieve, I grab my phone and go to default mode of scrolling through my feed. I automatically see a mom who made a felt Christmas tree for their toddler... "Oh now she's got it figured out. Surely she doesn't have moments like this." And I automatically caught myself. 

Do. Not. Go. There. 

The world of comparison. Don't do it. So here's a trick I play on myself and my invitations to pity-parties or all out defeat-fests. I go to Instagram... (You thought I was going to say the Bible huh?) And I play the gratitude game. I look through my own feed and cannot help but be so grateful for this beautiful life I'm blessed to live. 

So note to self-- when you're feeling down... It can be a slippery slope if you don't catch yourself. So turn up the truth in your life of all you have to be grateful for. Your beautiful mess. 

So in between some of the discipline I got to return to this smiling face who was laughing with joy to see me! 

Then the cherry on top was one of my dear friends stopped by and hand delivered this cup of joy! 

The peace lasted long enough for a short convo and then my arms were full again... But now with a perspective shift and the victory of the gratitude game!!! 

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