A Side of Grace

Wow. A full plate. With a newborn, two crazy toddler boys, a busy husband, and many ministry opportunities... I underestimated just how full life could get. It's a good, full life. I'm just realizing with this heaping plate, I'm in need of a side of grace.

With this full plate of life I honestly can say I have heaps of gratitude for those in our lives that love on us. I'm more grateful than ever and truly learning it really does "take a village" and we are not alone. So this message is to all those who've loved on us in so many ways. From our baby shower, to meals delivered, taking care of our boys, welcome baby gifts and even Caleb's birthday party. 

I just found myself up at 4am with my mind spinning of everything I want to do but felt there would never be time for.

When my hands aren't full of a baby, spilled food, diapers, laundry, dishes, cleaning or my computer... I try to get some sleep :) So I've realized that the things that are in my heart and head just quiet possibly won't get to reach my hands during this season. 

My mama raised me right with always sending thank you cards. But the idea of sitting still with a pen and notecards seems like a mountain I just cannot climb right now. (I'm writing this on my phone will rocking Cade and Connor trying to climb on us with his toy car.) 

So please know if you've given a gift, a meal, an encouraging word, prayers through our health struggle, time with our boys... It has not gone unnoticed. I am constantly reminded when I put an outfit on one of the boys, or they're playing with a toy who it was given by. Caleb always asks "who gave me these shoes?" and such, because I've tried to instill that same grateful heart in them. 

So thank you!!!!! And thank you for the grace of my delayed responses and lack of "thank you cards" in this season of life. 

Much love!!! (and admiration to all of the other moms who are living this crazy-awesome-life-calling!!!!) 

(I was reminded to write this as I was dressing Cade in an outfit I remember being given to us by the Reid's for Caleb. It's now on its third Zick boy!) 

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