Expectations (Part I)

This was a message I prepared for Capital Christian High School's chapel this week. I decided to blog it as well. (Good for my records and memories' sake and to impact more people, it challenged me personally.) 

Expectations. A big word--something that affects each of us on a daily basis, typically without us thinking twice about it. They influence our decisions, our moods, our choices in life and ultimately can dictate what our life looks like. These expectations come from the world, our culture, from our peers and co-workers, from our friends, family, parents, significant others, and there's even silent expectations we place on ourselves.

Another way to think of expectations is an assumption-- of how life should be. On what decision I should make. But all too often we base these expectations on the wrong voice, the opinions of others.

It's so awesome to watch life through the eyes of a child, one who hasn't put on the weight of expectations life. Who lives carefree and not moved by the opinions of others. This is a hilarious video of our 3-year-old son during his first trip to Disneyland-- so carefree.

I mean can you imagine a 35-year-old screaming "Donald Duck?!?!" like that? No way. I just love the innocence of childhood.

It's all too soon that the expectations of life begin to pile on us like a heavy backpack we carry around. Always obsessing about what other people might think. Expectations to have it all together, be the prettiest, smartest, fastest, nicest, best athlete, best friend who always listens and never has their own issues, follow in the footsteps of parents/older siblings, to go to a great college, start a great career, make great money, etc. The lists of expectations are endless and different on everyone's life.

Not all expectations are wrong, some are healthy and right. We just have to keep in the forefront of our life whose opinion matters most and who we are really living for.

This is the intro to the message, I'll be breaking in down in blog-form so it's not too lengthy. Come back for Expectations (Part II). <-- it's my favorite