You Snooze, You Lose.

"Caitlin Rooooseeee, it's time to waaaake uuupppp." I can so vividly remember the way my mom would say that, I also recall how much I hated hearing it! It was like nails on a chalkboard.

I mean really, who actually likes to be woken up? I remember my dad (who spoiled me as I was the only child) was my human alarm clock and he accommodated my crazy request of coming thirty minutes before I actually needed to wake up and then come back again when it was a must. (This is before the age of iPhone where you can just set your own multiple alarms.) I hated the idea of waking up so much that I felt like this concept was beating it! "Ha! I'll wake up when I want to!"

Who doesn't hit the snooze button once, or twice, or fifteen times. (Yes, I'm one of those... I can actually sleep through snoozing for a couple hours.) The snooze button and I have been friends for quite some time. 

As much as you don't want to hear this (and neither do I on a typical day): it really is time to WAKE UP and say goodbye to the snooze button. I know sleep is something that is so precious to most of us (and rightly so, we need a good amount of it to function and be the best version of ourselves.) But I have proven to myself time and time again, that when I wake up just a little earlier than I need to, just enough time to be still, to think about the things that matter and spend time with the One who knows me better than I know myself.... EVERY little thing in my life will be better.

This is one of my favorite quotes from an artist, Brian Andreas: "I've always liked the time before dawn because there's no one around to remind me who I'm supposed to be, so it's easier to remember who I am."

I know the "waking-up-earlier-than-you-have-to" part is not fun and it doesn't sound appealing. Trust me, as a young mom with two beautiful baby boys, the thought of waking up before them sounds like pure stupidity. But just picture with me: complete stillness, a grateful heart, no responsibilities or expectations from anyone have begun for the day yet, a time to quiet your heart and mind and just sit with you, yourself and I AM. I AM-- the Creator of the universe, the Lover of your soul, the perfect Father, the best Friend, and the list goes on.

Nothing is more refreshing than some quiet time, coffee (it's a must for me!), a journal, some music and the Word of Life.  It's a time to gain perspective, be grateful and just BE YOU without any expectations. Just putting yourself before God and letting His presence make your day. (Psalm 27:4)* We have so much that we carry with us day-to-day. (1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 55:22)* No matter what stage of life you're in. I promise it's the most refreshing thing to start your day with Him. You'll never leave thinking, "gosh... I wish I didn't do that this morning!" You'll always want more.

And now this one I know you've probably heard before, but sincerely.... Jesus did it. (Mark 1:35)* And I want to follow His example and be more like Him. If He needed it, it helped Him... than surely I need it and it will help me. We all could use a little help.

Just try it. Please. Just for a week. Seven days. You can do it. I promise it will be worth it. You'll be a better YOU. You'll walk in a better world. He's on the throne already, but it's so important for us to daily choose to give Him His place on the throne of our hearts. (Hebrews 4:16)*
You snooze, you lose. OR. Wake up and live.
I'd love to hear your stories of how it changed your day. So please share!

* Truth in Words
"One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple." (Psalm 27:4 AMP) 

"Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully. (1 Peter 5:7 AMP)

"Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you." (Psalm 55:22 NLT) 

"Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray." (Mark 1:35 NLT) 

"Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it]. " (Hebrews 4:16 AMP) 

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