Is This REALLY "Reality" TV?

The reality TV shows are booming in popularity. Why? Studies have been done, you can google it. I just read a Psychology Today article, very interesting. Here's the why we're looking at today...

The fact is we all long for something real. We want what is real so desperately. We're sick of the fake. So we watch these shows because it's the closest thing to "real life" on television. But what is real about a guy dating 12+ women at one time, kissing each of them, holding a "relationship" with each of them to find his wife? That's real? I would hardly be in favor of one of my best friend's boyfriends dating around and having multiple relationships, multiple engagements in physical intimacy, multiple statements of "I'm crazy about you". I would be infuriated if I found out my friend was being treated that way, she is worth way more. Wouldn't you? (I can't even start on shows like Jersey Shore or "The Real World.") But we "subscribe" to these shows and slowly but surely our perspectives change.

The enemy is a liar. He is oh so subtle. But in this search for something real, he's got us convinced that the most real thing is a lie. That the word of God, the Son of God, the promises of God, the power of God... is a joke. He has mocked the very truth we all need most-- the love of God. The love He has for us is the realest thing you can find. He's convinced us that either it's not real, we don't deserve it, or it's conditional based on our behavior. Do I love my sons less when they misbehave? That would be the real joke. Of course not, and how much greater is His love for us!

So I want to post some of the reality I have the opportunity to experience and walk in every day. The reality of God's unchanging love for me. The reality of what Jesus is currently doing on a day-to-day basis in my life and the lives of those around me. To expose the silly little liar for who he is. Instead of allowing him to go on mocking the truth, we will bring his lies and his craftiness into the light in our lives, so that he no longer has the right to play with it in the darkness.

Today, I want to share with you the story of Brittany. I could write for days about her story, but instead I'll let you simply watch this video. This is reality TV.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. 

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