Christmas Cards: To Do or Not To Do?

So I absolutely love getting Christmas cards, some years I've even packed them up when we put away the Christmas decor so that the following year we would be surprised to see the smiling faces of our loved ones and see how much they've changed in the past year.

So why haven't I ever done them? Well I guess there's a couple reasons excuses I've used:

1. It's too late. (I always procrastinate and by the time I remember, it seems silly to do it.)
2. We don't have the money. (All that money for printing and postage? Really?)
3. We don't have 'good enough' pictures. (I'm a perfectionist and think I'd have to hire a professional photographer. Of course with the perfect matching outfits and beautiful scenery.)
4. Who makes the cut? (I can't imagine going through the "Christmas list" and deciding on who to cut? Otherwise we'd have 200+)
5. I can't compete. (I've always thought it was a "keeping up with the Joneses" type thing to do. I guess that shows the ugly root of my competitive and comparing flesh. Yuck.) 

So I always resolved that it was just too much for me. I can't do it.

But tonight, while putting my feet up after a very long day (aren't most days in December extra long?) I was scanning my news feed and was pleasantly surprised by this refreshing perspective on sending Christmas cards... from a woman I have endless respect for (I mean she was voted Mother of the Year!)

Her words really say it all. What a great way of remembering all of the people in our lives that have left their deposit in us, touched our lives. The people we've been so blessed to know, the people who've made us better. It's a great time to think of them and thank God for them. Just writing this so many people come to mind when I think of who has shaped me as a woman, us as a family. I think of Tony Jones, one of my husband's childhood mentors, who helped shape him into the man he is today. The husband he is to me, the father he is to Caleb & Connor... he deserves an update and a thank you for investing in our lives. I think of my friend, Kara. She was relentless in inviting me to youth group when that was the last place you'd ever find a girl like me. She was my first "accountability partner" and really led me to knowing God. Even though we live across the country from each other, I'd love to send her a little love each year and thank God for her.

I need to let go of the reins of control, or the "illusion of control" I think I have. I need to stop thinking my cards would need to have a perfect picture, we are far from perfect people. Just be real and take time out to thank God for the people who've shaped our lives and those we get to share our lives with- our closest friends and family.

What's better than having the faces and words of those we love most filling the walls of our home during the Christmas season? Looking at the nativity scene and reflecting on the relationship we now have with our Father because He chose to send His Son for us. Then looking to the relationships that lead us to knowing Him more and that enrich our lives daily.

This is our kitchen wall that displays cards year round.

It only seems fitting to replace my five excuses with five good reasons to do Christmas cards in the future!

1. To take pictures to capture the moments of each stage of life.
2. To count your blessings and recap another year of love & life.
3. To remember and thank all of the people from your past (who've left a mark on your life!)
4. To share the season with those who you currently live life with.
5. To commemorate all the years for your family (keep one from each year and make an album.)

What's funny is I made this "card" for our house but it didn't meet my "expectations."

I'm resolving to care less about everything being perfect, to think less about how things "appear"... maybe I should take pictures in our messy love-filled home one year?

Thankful for a perspective change.
Merry Christmas!

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