Rest? What is that?!?

Rest. It's something we all need. It's something we all want. It's something we all feel like "we don't have time for". BUT It's something Jesus promises us.

What a huge promise. We all get a little weary just in the daily grind, whatever yours might look like. Then there's the weariness that comes from a crazy life storm-- like a bad break-up, cancer, loss of a job, feeling unappreciated, family issues, personal struggles that you cannot get a handle on. The New Living Translation says it like this:
"Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 (NLT)
Are you carrying heavy burdens? They may be yours, they may be others.... but none the less-- they are heavy and you need a break. So set them down, if just for a moment-- and go to Him. Jesus is the One and only who can offer that true rest, nothing a nap can even touch, eight hours of sleep can't satisfy like He can in one holy moment.

What's crazy is that He set up life for us to make sure we get rest. He made a point of it... I mean He gave us these ten things to make for a better life for us, and a day of rest is one of those special ten!

My son has this little "Ten Commandments" book... and it's funny how the simplest of things can speak to us. But one of those is to keep the Sabbath.  For the past couple weeks I've been thinking about the "sabbath", what does that really mean? Do I even do that?
sabbath (noun):

 Main Entry: day of rest
Definition: day for resting
Synonyms: Lord's day, Sabbath , Sabbath Day, Saturday, Sunday, day off, rest day
I'm always challenged by what I'm attempting to teach my children, making sure I'm a living example of it and not just saying it.  And I'm doing okay in the "do not steal" and "do not murder" areas, but when we get to "a day of rest, dedicated to the Lord" not doing too hot. And Lord knows (literally) that I could use some rest and He knows that I want to KNOW Him more, to be with Him. So I'm ready for the challenge, are you?

Sabbath Sundays. (Maybe for you it will have to be another day of the week because of your schedule, it's about the heart of it.) I will aim to rest more on Sundays and to spend time getting to KNOW my Father more. I know at the end of it, I'll be less weary and more rested.

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